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  1. […] You do not have to be a specific size to be a model. There is no perfect size or weight to be a model. This is perfectly stated by our editor in chief, Sherrie Gearheart, in one of her latest posts. This was prompted after a young girl on facebook asked Sherrie what the perfect size and weight of a model was… Here was her response, “The truth is that one must embrace his or her unique beauty and really play up their strengths. Personality will outshine any flaws as well. There are general specific requirements for certain areas of modeling such as for runway one should be at least 5’8 and taller. However I am 5’6 and I book a ton of runway shows. Also there are petite runway shows where you may be shorter. Same with size. Generally you will see that runway models are thinner anywhere from size 0-2. However, plus size modeling is on the rise. And again it depends on your client. All of the prom and pageant runway shows i have been to have wanted sizes 4-6 to be their models. So again, embrace your unique beauty, and find a catagory that you fit into. Never change yourself in an unhealthy way to be unrealistically thin so you can fit someone’s standards if it does harm to you. Instead embrace what you have, improve your weaknesses, and play up your strengths. The biggest thing you hear models say today is, what is the perfect weight? The answer is there isn’t a perfect weight. Its about being proportioned, looking healthy, being toned, and feeling great about yourself. I hope that helps. Models ask me all the time so I decided to share the information I have learned as a professional model, to break some misconceptions and myths about having to be ultra thin and tall to model. Embrace YOUR unique beauty and love the skin YOU are in.” Join Tiara Magazine on our 28 days to a Beautiful You starting October 1st, 2011. Tiara Magazine is kicking off the month of October with 28 days worth of tips to mold yourself into a new and true, beautiful you. Each day, Tiara Magazine, will provide a helpful tip on how you can become more confident, radiant, and truly love the skin you are in. These tips will be from our Editor, Tiara Models, titleholders, and staff. Why 28 days worth of tips you ask? It takes 28 days to learn a new habit! To keep the momentum going after our Oct 2nd, 2011 fashion show titled, Love the Skin You’re in, we will provide our fans with words of wisdom so YOU can truly love your body and grow into the person you have always wanted to be. Mark the date…. October 1st will kick off Tiara Magazine’s 28 Days to a Beautiful YOU! If you know of anyone suffering from a low self esteem, low confidence or poor body image, direct them to our site on October first so you can both take part in our 28 days to a beautiful you. There are also helpful links provided above for the appropriate help of eating disorders. To keep up to date on all of Tiara Magazine’s articles click here. […]

  2. […] our 100 Most Beautiful and Influential People in the Industry. You can read her full article  in Tiara Magazine’s Spring Issue. Chelsea is living proof that anyone can make their dreams come true. She comes from humble […]

  3. […] recent cover design by Jenny Lezan. Our cover model is Miss Intercontinental 2011, Jessica Hartman. Subscribe today to read her full story, to see our brand ambassadors revealed, and more! This issues premiers April […]

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