Mary Ann Jaeger, Miss Fashion Global Fit Model 2019 

Hobbies: Modeling, exercising, jogging, running, swimming, volunteer work, church activities, dancing, reading, cross stitching and cooking. 

Platform: Promoting Fitness and Health and Anti-bullying 

Years competed: 2018 

Countries visited as a titleholder: Philippines, Canada, USA

Countries visited without a title: Korea, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Canada

Favorite Charity: Live Out Loud Charity, Children Outreach Program in the Philippines, Feed the Children Program and Church Community Service in Elkhart Indiana.

Tiara Magazine: Please tell us about yourself.
I have a 10 years old daughter name “Anna Beth” I’m originally from the Philippines and now live in Goshen, Indiana. I’m very outgoing, independent, highly dedicated, spontaneous, determined, and adventurous. I enjoy sky diving, bungee jumping, rock climbing, and hiking. I’m a fitness and health enthusiast and currently finishing my fitness and health nutritionist certification as well as my personal training certification. I’ve been an extra in Chicago Fire. I love fashion and modeling and have walk for amazing designers such as: Mario Garrido & Jorge Diaz, Carcelia Amial, Marivel O’Connor, Marco Herrera Mix, Emily Nayhree Art, Abraham Garcia Casanova, Dori Eversole Lewis, Jordan Andrew Skeen, Kimberly Phillips, Marchell Lavon, Elizabeth Parker, Arela Kharis Brand, Danielle Carroll.  

Tiara Magazine: Who you are outside of the pageant world?
I was born in a small town in Bicol Province Philippines, at young age I was given chores before I could play with my friends. It felt like a punishment but as I grow up I’ve learned they were lessons molding me into a strong independent person. I was taught to appreciate the simple things in life and be thankful. I’ve traveled to 9 countries meeting different people and cultures. It is such a blessing.

Tiara Magazine: Tell us about your pageant journey. When did you start competing and how many titles have you won or lost?
When I was a kid I loved watching pageants and modeling competitions. Never would I have thought at the age of 40 I would hold a title and represent my state, Indiana in national competition. The confidence I’ve gained and the skills I’ve learned have made a huge impact on my life. Competing in pageants and modeling is more than just a hobby, it’s a sport. I competed for runway and spokes model in Illinois, MQP preliminary queen, Winter Top Model 2017. I competed in the Miss Bikini competition in Detroit and won the title Miss Bikini Indiana 2018, I represented my state in the Miss Bikini US National competition in Miami, Florida. Losing nationals made me thirst and hunger for more. I then competed in the Miss Fashion Global Model Search in Florida. I won the title Miss Fashion Global “Fit Model 2019”. 

Tiara Magazine: What inspired you to do your first pageant?
I have learned that if you have your mind set to something, you can do it. Dreams stay a dream until we wake up and work hard for it. Be hungry and thirst for more and believe in yourself. Everything is possible no matter what age, shape or size we are, it’s never too late to chase our dream. 

Tiara Magazine: Did any specific coach or coaching site help you prepare for the competition or past competitions? If so please share with us your top 3 tips.
There is much preparation and hard work that goes into trying to win a crown/title. From countless hours of practicing, walking in heels, and getting drilled with interview questions. I would like to thank “Sherrie Gearheart” founder and CEO of LOLC this charity organization motives me to strive for more. To my sponsors “Gary Martin, Dallas Barkman, Amy Dean” family and friends who truly supported me “Thank you”. My 3 tips are: learn from our mistakes, develop experience, and welcome every opportunity that get you closer to your goal. 

Tiara Magazine: Why did you choose to compete for your current title? What separates this title from others?
I chose to compete for Fit Model to promote fitness and health. Everyone can strive for great health by practicing consistency, motivation, and determination. What separates this model search from the rest is that Miss Fashion Global is about unity and fashion. It embraces diversity and women from different backgrounds and ethnicities to be role models and to be an inspiration for other. To be an inspiration for themselves and to be a mentor. 

Tiara Magazine: Did you win this title the first time competing for it?
Yes, I’m one of the title holders. I am the winner of Miss Fashion Global “Fit Model” Category 2019. 

Tell us the journey to the crown. Start to finish- how many months did you have to prepare?
150 woman from different states, backgrounds, ages and ethnicities joined the search in four categories and there were four winners. I learned what it is to be confident. Pageants and competing help me feel comfortable in my own skin and help me overcome common little fears such as public speaking and performing on a stage in front of a room full of people. 

Tiara Magazine: To those unfamiliar with your pageant system please tell us what is it about? Why would you recommend it to others?
“Terrance Shaw” is the owner and founder of Miss Fashion Global. This competition is divided into four categories: Petite Model, Fit Model, Runway Model, & Curvy Model. You sign up and compete for the category you are most comfortable competing in. This organization seeks a diverse group of contestants that have something special to offer and we believe that beauty comes in many forms and that every woman in our community possesses their own uniqueness. For questions and inquiries visit Put my name Mary Ann Jaeger as the referred person. 

Tiara Magazine: What are you being judged on during the competition? What was your most nerve-wracking area of competition and what was your favorite?
We are judged the moment we walk the runway, in swimwear, evening gown, and on our overall appearance and performance. The most nerve-wracking part of the competition is the question and answer. Be confident and be yourself. My favorite area of competition is the introduction & swim wear. 

Tiara Magazine: Tell us about your experience during the competition. Were you a fierce competitor or more like Miss Congeniality?
When you compete with 150 woman you have to be mix of fierce and Miss Congeniality yet stay friendly and helpful with everyone at all time. 

Tiara Magazine: Tell us about your platform and to what cause(s) you currently donate your time.
Promoting Fitness and health is very important to me I encourage everyone to stay motivated. I walk in a runway supporting LOLC that stands against anti-bullying and suicide prevention. I volunteer to “Feed the Children Program” and “Church Community Service” in Elkhart, Indiana and “Charity outreach in the Philippines”. 

Tiara Magazine: What appearances have you done with your title?
I’ve been in different interviews, became an ambassador of the All Star Nutrition in Southbend, Hidden Talent Swimwear ambassador, and given an opportunity to be in Fox 59 (thank you “Miss Nicole Renee”). I attended New York Fashion Week and will be attending the upcoming Miami Fashion Week. 

Tiara Magazine: What are some of your achievements (scholastic, pageant, community oriented, etc.)?
I graduate my “Bachelor Degree in Commerce major in Management” at University of Saint Anthony Iriga City Philippines 2008. I was consistently on the dean’s list from first through fourth year. I’m a cheer leader and a kickball player. I’m an active member of different Filipino-American association in Michigan. I held the first runner up title in a runway & spokes model competition in Illinois. I won the title Top Model 2017 of Winter Gala. MQP Preliminary Queen 2017, Miss Bikini Indiana 2018, Top 10 Bikini Tribe Calendar 2018, and Miss Fashion Global Fit Model 2019 and Franchise owner Miss Fashion Global. 

Tiara Magazine: What personal struggles have you triumphed over in order to be where you are today?
Pageant and model competitions have taught me to never give up. It is very hard to see yourself fail after you prepared for months and gave it your all. But always remember there is no such thing as failure, only delayed success. 

Tiara Magazine: What is you’re on stage strategy to win the judges over? I learned to carry myself with more confidence and walk the walk with a smile. 

Tiara Magazine: What makes you stand out from all those other beautiful contestants? What really makes me stand out is my spirit of compassion and something to give. Treating everyone as important, interesting, and with respect at all time. 

Tiara Magazine: Tell us about the moment your name was called out as the winner. Winning doesn’t always give you the enduring happiness. Fulfillment, contribution, and passion are better. Win or Lose competition always make us stronger to better ourselves.

Tiara Magazine: What does it mean to you to be a Beauty Queen? Beauty queen is not a queen to herself but it’s a role of service, a motivator and an inspiration to others.

Tiara Magazine: What do you think about Miss America 2017 speaking out about being bullied within the organization? Do you think she was strong to do so? Bullying is a disease in society it affects children and adults. It is unfair judgement that needs to stop. We have the right and voice to speak up and to be heard.

Tiara Magazine: You are an inspiration and role model to all of the girls out there. How does it feel? It’s not just about the shiny crown and silky banner, pursuing a mission you believe in and discovering how you can have a positive impact in someone life, be a good mentor, a good listener is a role model. 

Tiara Magazine: What are your tips for choosing the perfect pageant evening gown dress for the onstage competition? Find the gown that fits your personality, that you can walk with simplicity yet graceful and elegant. 

Tiara Magazine: What are your tips for winning interview? Start your speech with power something unique, think positive, practice, practice practice, be yourself and be confident. 

Tiara Magazine: Any modeling or acting experience? Yes, Milwaukee Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, LOLC Kentucky Fashion Show, Mario and Jorge Bridal Fashion Show, LOLC Chicago Fashion Show, Herrera Mix Fashion Show, and an extra on Chicago Fire (tv show). 

Tiara Magazine: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? To be a mentor and advocate for children in my province in the Philippines. To inspire others and become a leader and positive influence. To own my own fashion show agency and raise awareness of anti-bullying.

International & National Director: Terrance Shaw, Derick Scepter