During the 9th Annual Chicago Fashion Show (a benefit for Live Out Loud Charity) held at the gorgeous Palmer House in downtown Chicago, there was an extraordinary designer that astonished the crowd with her vivacious designs that were both innovative and full of artistic flair. Which designer is this you ask? None other than Luchy Designs. The visionary behind the designs, creator Luchy Manjarrés Cohen. Let’s get to know her.

An interview with Luchy Manjarrés Cohen

Q: What inspired you to become a designer and to create the types of pieces you do?
Launching my clothing brand, Luchy Designs aims to combine fashion and art. It is a line of bold and exclusive jackets using a variety of textile materials and stones with paintings. To me, it is melding the harmony and vibrancy of visual art to wearable design. As a former Studio Art and Art Theory graduate from my hometown in Barranquilla, Colombia, my fascination with landscape painting has transformed itself into a palette of wearable fashion – starting with my jackets. These pieces are an extension of the freedom to choose art as an element of style. Our bodies are canvases, we can choose to paint them in an artistic fashion.

Q. How can models and fashion admirers find out more about your collections?
You can definitely shop or browse Luchy Designs on our website: www.luchydesigns.com. Feel free to find the latest blog posts and photos on our social media pages via Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Please search “Luchy Designs”. You are also more than welcome to visit my pieces in store at Sorelle Boutique Salon and Spa in Wicker Park (1905 W. Division St.) to try and feel the art on its own.

Q. What shows/productions have you show-cased in our publications are you most proud of being featured in?
I am grateful and blessed to have started show-casing my art quite early back home in Barranquilla, Colombia. I have my mother to thank for this because she always encouraged me to participate in more than 50 gallery expositions. Once I moved to Chicago and after opening up Sorelle, my team and I were fortunate to have participated in Hair Wars, which we happily ended up winning 3rd place! Our Boutique and Salon also showcased its talent at Chicago Fashion Show, Do Division and most recently, Luchy Designs made its début at Latino Fashion Show and Live Out Loud.

Q. Why did you choose to showcase in the Live Out Loud Charity held at the Palmer House?
Luchy Designs was invited to participate and I was beyond honored to have my designs dress such strong and resilient women. Aside from having a professional degree in art, I am also a former Psychology graduate and therefore, supporting anyone who is a survivor of domestic violence, abuse, bullying or has lost a loved one to suicide is integral to giving back. We must empower women and really, anyone who feels helpless in situations such as these, by showing that you are never alone. Using art as a platform to free yourself from whatever is holding you back from your fullest potential deserves my attention and at the end of the day, everyone’s.

*Photos by Cuauhtemoc Campos.
*Event: www.sherriegearheart.eventbrite.com
*Producer: Sherrie Gearheart
*Designer: Luchy Designs