During the 9th Annual Chicago Fashion Show (a benefit for Live Out Loud Charity) held at the gorgeous Palmer House in downtown Chicago, there was a trendsetting, fearless designer that left the crowd intrigued and wanting more. Which designer is this you ask? None other than B.Boy Clothing. The visionary behind the designs, creator Bryan Boyd. Let’s get to know him.

An interview with Bryan Boyd. 

Q: What inspired you to become a designer and to create the types of pieces you do?
When I was a kid every day we went to school, it was like a fashion show. I’ve always dressed to impress since I was 8 years old. I create the collections based off of my lifestyle and where I was raised.

Q: How can models and fashion admirers find out more about your collections and shows? You can visit my website at 1313oyclothing.com or follow me on Instagram @iamb.boy and Facebook- B.Boy Clothing.


Q: What shows/productions have you showcased in or publications are you most proud of being featured in? The 9th Annual Chicago Fashion Show was a blast, met some really great people. And of course Kentucky Derby Fashion Show because it is my hometown.

Q: Why did you choose to showcase in the Live Out Loud Charity, 9th Annual Chicago Fashion Show held at the Palmer House? Sherrie Gearheart has a very positive platform that I told her I would love to support and be a part of. I have always wanted to visit Chicago.

*Photos by Cuauhtemoc Campos.
*Event: www.sherriegearheart.eventbrite.com
*Producer: Sherrie Gearheart
*Designer: B.Boy Clothing