Interview with Jennifer Crouch
Shady Photography
 – Northern Kentucky

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What type of Photography do you specialize in?
I started Photography just as a hobby, then realized one day it was more of a dream that I really wanted
to take it to a more advanced level. It’s been just a little over 6 Years that I have went into Professional
Photography. I love capturing Beauty. Whether it be Fashion, Modeling, Pageants, Fundraiser Events,
Weddings or family gathering and even the most beautiful, scenic views. I have worked in all these
areas and find it as a true passion.

When working with models what advice can you give them to best prepare for the shoot?
When I work with a model as we are chatting it up, I find out their favorite colors, and what they
envision. What they want to portray. I tell them to get a good nights sleep, drink plenty of water
which helps hydrate the skin and leaves them glowing and fresh looking. I also tell them to bring
things that make them feel comfortable and things that make them feel fun, energetic and edgy. I want
models to be enthusiastic and enjoy their experience. And Last, but most importantly, bring themselves.

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Why do you work with The Live Out Loud Charity Organization and which Designer stuck out
to you and why?
There are numerous reasons that The Live Out Loud Charity Organization fits with what I do. I
participate in Pageants and Volunteer where I can in Charities I support. When I was a teenager, life
seemed so very complicated, and at one point I was in deep depression and thinking suicide was the
only way. Now I know I am a valuable person, and have had an amazing life. Each and everyday I
grow stronger in knowing my self worth, and give back all I can.
I was put into Contact with Sherrie Gearheart The Founder & Owner of Live Out Loud Charity by a
True Friend and Pageant Director with a Servants Heart, Dede Cox. Dede organizes many Volunteer
Opportunities and Events around Kentucky like events for, The Dream Factory, the Boys and Girls
Haven, and so many more. Dede said that she knew this was a perfect opportunity for me, and knew
this was something I would thoroughly enjoy. It was.
Sherrie stated she needed another photographer to help capture the 2nd Annual Live Out Loud Charity
Fashion Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Yes! Of course I would love to Volunteer my skills and time to
this Organization, that you could hear in Sherrie’s voice even of how much strength and compassion
she had for this Organization she started. I was also being given the opportunity to photograph
something I dreamed of… Fashion!
While in conversation with Sherrie, our conversation reminded me of a newscast I just happened to
catch here locally about a month before, and it had stuck in my mind, but I didnt know why. Right then
I knew! I mentioned to Sherrie there was this High School teen girl locally that had attempted Suicide,
and spent numerous days in the hospital. And that I had seen her story on our news.
I then made it my mission to find her story and contact her. I found Hannah and her mom through
Social Media and spoke with them about Hannah coming to the 2nd Annual Live Out Loud Fashion
Show, to be a guest speaker and share her story. Her Mom and her agreed. Hannah Came to the Show,
Showed her strength that she has gained, stood in front of hundreds of people, and shared her story.
Not a dry eye in the place. That was why, that was why her story stuck with me, that is why Sherrie
Gearheart and I were meant to meet! If I can help just one, then I was helping to do Gods Work.
Now for Designers that stood out to me at the 2nd Annual Live Out Loud Charity Show, was truly all of
them! The work and the time they take to get that perfect runway look is Amazing. You should see
behind the scenes too! Thats where tons of magic happens. I too, got to experience it. Before the
Fashion Show the opening number is the Pageant Queen Walk and I Walked the Runway as Kentucky
Festivals Miss Kentucky Woman 2017. I was specially pampered with hair and make up too, awesome
treatment. As soon as the Queen walk was over, I snuck through the crowd to my camera up on the
Media Stand and there I stood taking pictures of some of the Most amazing Photographs of Models and
the Fashion Designers piece of Art they were displaying. Amazing and Breathtaking.
Where can we learn more about you and your work?
I live in the Beautiful Bluegrass State of Kentucky. You can vist my website and follow my social
media page to learn about me or just to see what my future endeavors may hold. You can keep up with
my work at or my social media page

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What are some awards you won for your Photography?
I have been a member of The Focus Photo Club out of Dayton, Ohio with over 500 members, who have
monthly competitions and a Yearly Overall Competition. As I have won several ribbons through out
the Photo Club Years, myYearly Overall Awards were;
2013 – 2014 – Photographer of the Year – Black and White Open
2013 – 2014 – 3rd Place – Color Print Theme
2014 – 2015 – 1st Place – Black and White Theme
2014 – 2015 – 3rd Place – Black and White Open Recognitions
Recognition and Photographer for Braelynn Dunn’s Amerifest Nationals Pageant 2018 Photo Theme
Winner and also images submitted for her portfolio which also won.

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What Magazine or Blogs has your work been featured in?
2018 Obscurae Magazine – Volume 36 Summer Issue – Print & Online
Where We Stand Magazine – – July 2018
Gettyimages – Creative RF – #530166026

What other Charitable Organizations do you work with?
Other Charitable Foundations & Organizations I work for besides Live Out Loud Charity is,
The Dragonfly Foundation (Childrens Pediatric Cancer) Along with the Kenny Anderson Foundation
(A Community for Adults with Autism and other Developmental challenges) This Amazing Group puts
on two events a year; the Basketball Extravaganza, and the Annual Celebrity Softball Classic.

I also participate in the Relay for Life – Northern Kentucky Group
Missing Alexis/ Annual Northern Kentucky Walk to Remember for Pregnancy & Infant Loss –
Annual Gravy Cup Competition in Louisville, Kentucky for the Boys and Girls Haven
Kentucky Festivals/Amerifest – Several Different Service Events.- the Backpack Program, The Dream
Factory, St Judes Childrens Hospital Events, and so many more.

But the whole reason I do these things, isn’t for the recognition, its for the satisfaction of giving to
those in need and helping give back to the community in a Positive way.

Just like our Motto in Amerifest and Kentucky Festivals Pageants – #itsmorethanjust – that statement
has so much Power. Its more than just a Crown, Its more than just a pageant, its more than just Pretty
girls getting all dolled up. Way More. Its a Family Community of Beautiful People giving more than

Pictured here is Jennifer Crouch owner of Shady Photography

Pictured here is Jennifer Crouch owner of Shady Photography

Photos in this article by: Jennifer Crouch, Shady Photography