What inspires me in life? To me there are many things that inspire me ..in a lot of different ways too..people who have drive and ambition inspire me as those are the kind of people that let nothing stand in their way of their dreams or success..people who can take everyday as a blessing and see the good in everything inspire me the most ..those are the kind of people who are greatful for every blessing and for that are the happiest..that makes me want to be the best I can be..

How did I write such a beautiful quote? To be honest when I wrote my quote it took me no more than 5 minutes..I just got a pen and wrote down exactly what I felt and my thoughts ..I say exactly what is on my mind so I found it very easy

How can you encourage others to be a good role model? All I can advise anyone to be is themselves..never try to be something your not..always be true to yourself and say what u feel ..you have to believe in what your saying for others to be able to listen..always do the right thing never be led into situations that your not sure about..be kind graceous..voice your opinion but never force your opinion onto others..always remember as you have your own mind so does everyone else so not everyone will always agree with you..always leave room for compromise..always try to be the best you can be ..stick to what you believe in and always be willing to help those who need it..

How am I a good role model? I would like to think I am a good role model for young girls and woman as I am very down to earth I don’t see myself as better than anyone..I never judge anyone until I make the effort to know them..I am very independent ..I am always there for anyone who needs me..I give encouragement to any1 in anyway I can even when its not wanted..I have overcome a lot myself so from my past experiences I can advise others with more empathy than before..I believe anything is possible and I never give up..even when I’m at my lowest I never stay down for long and so that would be my motto to anyone listening..all any1 could want is to be happy so my advice is..do what makes you happy

Bio: My name is kelly waite I live in a little village in county durham in england..I have 5 brothers..I was always very shy as a child and still have a constant battle to overcome this everyday..I am a very wilful determind young woman who never gives up no matter who tries to bring me down..I can be very feisty which only adds to my drive to follow my dreams..I am very opinionated and always let my voice be heard ..I believe u should always stand up for what you believe in..I am very old fashioned in a lot of ways..I believe in marrage before a child and that if a man won’t wait for you..he aint worth you ..I feel very strongly about my values and beliefs..I am a very homely girl and my family means everything to be..I am a typical girly girl I love shopping ..shoes and chocolate..my favourite shows are supernatural and desperate housewives..I have a diploma in childcare ..my 1st pageant win was miss county durham galaxy 2010 and miss publicity 2010 then I went on to win miss united kingdom tourism 2011..I take my role as a beauty ambassador very seriously and as a result I have used my titles to help other in anyway I can..from telling my story about bullying to the press to let others know any1 can be bullied and help campaign against bullying..voulenteering at dogs trusts..childrens hospitals..schools..charity work for sport relief..barnardos..local communities..help with antisocial bahaviour in communities..campaigning at radio stations across the country..nothing gives me more pleasure than doing what I love..