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1. Sparkling Beauty Productions “ANYTHING GOES” Pageant April 28th 2012 http://sparklingbeautyptoduction.webs.com/
This incredible pageant has an awesome theme: Anything Goes! The emcee of Sparkling Beauty Productions happens to be our editor of Tiara Magazine, Sherrie Gearheart. Divisions include baby all the way to 18 and up! There are several pageants throughout the year. Enter today! Director: Melissa Kralka(256)405-7629Visit their website to see when an open state pageant will be near you this Summer!!

2. America’s Outstanding Mom Pageant- June 27-30, 2012
  www.americasoutstandingmom.com America’s Outstanding Mom recognizes and celebrates mothers of all ages, ethnicity, marital status and socio-economic backgrounds throughout the United States and it’s territories.  These extraordinary role models work to foster, not always idealistic, but stable environments, and loving and meaningful relationships with their children.  Our system believes that all mothers should be treated equally, regardless of whether they were blessed with children by birth, adoption or custodial guardianship.  Our delegates can be students, homemakers, and professionals; however, each of them contains unique characteristics that allow them to be successful in their chosen careers, as well as in their volunteer and community outreach efforts.  In sum, America’s Outstanding Mom is “The Mother of The New Millennium” – she is the master multi-tasker who has dedicated herself to nothing less than success! She is family oriented and goal driven, yet still finds time to present herself as a style icon with high standards for maintaining superior health and physical fitness. Contact Info:  Laurye Natale, Executive Director
Email: director@americasoutstandingmom.com Phone: 203-518-1482

3. Miss Illinois Scholarship Association June 27-30, 2012 www.missillinois.org
The Miss Illinois Scholarship Association is a duly accredited preliminary in the Miss America Organization helping to provide the young women of Illinois who compete in its local and state programs, opportunities to enhance their personal & professional development through the organization’s scholarship programs. Contact: Amalia Schwerdtmann IlStateDir@missillinois.org Phone: 847-997-0294 Divisions include: Princess, Preteen, Teen, and Miss.

4. American Spirit Pageant May 31-June 3, 2012. Deadline to Enter at Large is April 15, 2012. HURRY AND ENTER TODAY! www.americanspiritpageants.com/The winners will grace the cover of Tiara Magazine. The American Spirit Pageant program is a wonderful way for young women to learn more about themselves and others, make new friends, build self confidence, gain greater social awareness and give back to the community. We focus our contestants on the Five “C”s: Courage – Conviction – Compassion – Character – Charity We are proud to be the only national system that incorporates fundraising into the judged competition. Whether you are new to pageants, or very experienced, we are sure you will love participating in our system. State Delegates are chosen to compete in our national competition in two ways. If there is a state pageant scheduled in the state you wish to represent you must compete in and win that pageant in order to qualify. If not, you may complete the “At Large” Application in order to be considered for selection as a State Delegate. Click on the appropriate “State Link” to see if pageant is currently scheduled in your state.

5. Global United Pageant, International Pageant held August 22-25 Minneapolis, Mn www.globalunitedpageant.com Elaine Reinholz, Mrs. Iowa Global United 2012, chose the Global United Pageant because women are celebrated for being committed to serving others in the community and having a true beauty within themselves. Global United is also committed to organizations from all around the world by supporting the charities their titleholders choose as platforms. Elaine is dedicating her time as a titleholder to her platform, Voice For Veterans ~ Community Support of Soldiers and Veterans. She is a Desert Storm Veteran and has 12 other family members who have served in the military. Her husband is retired 22 years in the Army and is an Iraq vet. Every day she not only supports her husband Joe, but many of our service members who are affected by physical…..and more importantly, the invisible wounds of war. Our service members return home from war and many struggle to live “normal lives,”   Its is our job as communities around the US to support those who have sacrificed for our freedom. Her pageant is also a permanent partner with Isaac’s Journey to help raise funds for childhood cancer research. This is why each crown holds a dimensional gold ribbon in the crown to represent Childhood Cancer Awareness. I am excited to be a voice, a smile and much needed hug for our brave little heroes!!She is proudly representing her homestate as your MRS. IOWA GLOBAL UNITED 2012.Wendy Lindberg, Director (320) 349-0243 globalunitedpageant@yahoo.comDivisions: Teen/Miss (age 13-20), Ms. (21-44 not married but can have children), Mrs., Classic (45-59), Senior (60+)

6. American Elegance Pageant November 2-4, 2012 www.msamericanelegancepageant.com

Get ready for the pageant of a lifetime. Five national titles iwll be awarded during one grand weekend. Divisions include: Miss Teen American Elegance (ages 13-19),  Ms. American Elegance (ages 20-29), Ms. American Elegance Woman (ages 30-40), Ms American Elegance Sophisticate (Size 14 & up and Ages 18 & up), Ms. American Elegance Lady  (ages 41 & up). Now in its 14th year, the American Elegance Pageant believes that every woman is elegant and beautiful while providing a venue for teens and women of all ages, races, nationalities, sizes and marital status to showcase her inner and outer beauty through pageantry. The American Elegance pageant believes a pageant should be a fun and affordable event that makes a woman feel like the queen she already is. Moreover, the pageant showcases the fact that each person is unique which makes you the symbol of elegance and true beauty.  A contestant in the American Elegance pageant can be married, single, or divorced for all divisions and with or without children, everyone is welcome to compete. No experience necessary. Areas of competition: Interview, Personal Expression, Fashion Wear, and Evening Gown.