Tiara Model: Arianna Crenshaw Height: 5'5 Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Photo taken at Tiara Magazine's 2nd annual charity fashion show. Photo by JSK photography


Tiara Model: Arianna Crenshaw Photo taken at Tiara Magazine's 2nd annual charity fashion show. Designer: Emily Sifrit of Ekaye Boutique. Photo by Karen Wade

Tiara Model: Arianna Crenshaw Photo taken at Tiara Magazine's 2nd annual charity fashion show. Designer: Emily Sifrit of Ekaye Boutique. Photo by Karen Wade

How do you feel being showcased as Tiara Magazine’s Model of the Week?    
I feel really blessed and excited to be presented in such a pleasant light.

Are you a runway model or print model? Which do you prefer?I am a runway model. I prefer runaway because there is nothing like hitting the    catwalk. Walking fearlessly and just letting yourself be free in the moment but refined in your motive.

What do you like about modeling? I love the designs, the atmosphere, and the models. I try to always connect with the camera. As a model I tell a story in each picture.

What do you say to all the haters out there? Do you let them rain on your parade? Your gift might not be my gift but you do have a gift. So use it! We are human and we should be able to hold our heads up but it takes a strong woman to push forward, flaws and all “I am enough and that’s good enough for me.”

How can you help others become a model like you? What advice would you give? It takes a certain attitude and gracefulness that a model needs to become successful. You might have the walk and face but a terrible attitude. That does not make for an international star!

What has this industry taught you? You are just as GREAT as you want to be. Don’t settle for mediocre. Walk in your divine path.

What modeling experience do you have with Tiara Magazine? My experience with Tiara Model I would say was an Amazing one. It was trying because I come all the way from Hammond, IN, but I made it. The women that I shared the stage with were awesome!! We shared one passion. Giving back. Suicide has taken from our society and Sherrie’s Charity helping to restore it. What a remarkable cause.

What modeling experience do you have in general? I have been in 2 runaway shows. First one was in July of 2011. It was called Contour de jore. It was about 25 women all together and we rocked Urban clothing and Asian hairstyling. It was a stepping experience. The second was the Live Out Loud Charity Event and boy was it an event. It had a beautiful red lush venue. Very well put together and tons of volunteers to help!

Do you have any pageantry or acting experience? I would love to try out pageantry. It is different from modeling because you have to have that elegance and poised appeal. I have acted. I was in a play in school, Scrooge where I was an urchin. Ever since I was a young girl, I always loved to act and I wish I could’ve done more when I was younger. This has not stopped me nor discouraged me. If you give me a task, I will strive to execute it to my best of ability. My ability has no limit.

Who are your favorite designers? I have been in Optical sales for about three years so have learned to appreciate such designers as Gucci, Chanel, Burberry and my beloved Coach.

Favorite makeup brands? I have to be honest I don’t have a favorite. I am all about being as natural as I can possibly be. Yes, I am a woman so I do have a closet full of makeup essentials. My Bare essentials eye shadow does an excellent job at creating that neutral shimmer that I love but lightness that I enjoy.

Favorite shoes you like to wear out and about? Hands down it would have to be my gladiator sandal that I purchased last summer. I love that shoe!

My classic black 5 inch pump. This is a must have!

My calf high leather boot. These go well with neutral colors which are my wear haves! Black grays brown tans. If it’s neutral then it’s me, paired with bold but chic accessories!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? I am merely nothing without my Father who is God in Heaven. He guides me. He leads me.