Amanda Williams, Ms. American Spirit

What does it mean to hold the title you have with the American Spirit Pageants? Being the first ever Ms. American Spirit is so exciting and rewarding! To set the bar for the future successors is an exciting accomplishment!

Why did you choose the American Spirit Pageant over any other pageant system? I chose ASP over other systems due to the focus on “charity”. To participate in a pageant that evaluates a person’s heart as well as their looks was very attractive to me. To me, giving back to your community is far more important than being judged on how you look walking across the stage.
Tell us about the phases of competition? How were the like other pageants you may have competed in and how were they different? The main difference between ASP and others is that with ASP you do not have to answer an onstage question or perform in a talent competition. In addition, there is the unique fundraising competition.

Amanda's everyday style? "I’m a white t-shirt and skinny jeans kind of girl."

What insight can you give about this competition so other girls and women can feel prepared? Just be yourself is the only advice I can bring to the table. Have fun and smile a lot 🙂

What is been your most memorable experience with your title?
There have been so many memorable experiences.  But, for me the most memorable experience  was making an appearance with my sister queen Dedra Curtis at the Shriner’s Hospital in Tampa Florida. It was such a humbling experience.

How do you feel to be passing on your title… April is almost here. It’s been over a year, like all good things, it comes to an end. I’m sure the next successor will have a Fabulous year. I look forward to being a part of the ASP family well beyond the end of my reign and look forward to growing together in the future.

Since fundraising is part of the American Spirit Pageant system, what are some ways you can encourage competitors to fundraise? Do you have any unique ideas? I sent out a letter to close friends and family and made it more personal vs. posting on Facebook. But, really, whatever works for the individual is what they should try.  The important thing is to keep in mind that you are doing a good thing for a worthwhile cause.

Tell us about your modeling experience? Well, personally I have no “modeling” experience. I am actually a photographer. So, I spend most of my time in the other side of the camera.

What is your pageantry experience? I have been involved with pageants since I was 9 years old. I participated in several county pageants.

Favorite pageant dress designer? Sherri Hill. Love her. And, of course, love Mac Dugal.

Describe your pageant style? Out and about: express type clothing. I love a cute cocktail dress here and there as well!

Favorite shoes to wear out and about? Well…I am a shoe junkie. So I like all types of shoes. But, If I had to pick a favorite It would be Gianni Bini.

Are pageant titleholders relevant in today’s society? How do you handle the negative comments that are made about pageantry and modeling in general? Do you let these people rain on your parade? I ignore this type of talk. I do not see it as productive to respond to negativity like that.

Do you get nervous before you compete? If so what has worked for you to help you cope and what advice can you offer other competitors so they can do their best?
Honestly, I don’t get nervous before hand. It’s usually after the competition that I get nervous. I just take deep breaths and focus on the happy things in life and what I have already at that point achieved.

Are there any accomplishments you would like to share with our readers? "I am a proud single mother of an amazing 8 year old girl. She is my pride and joy and I am so blessed to be her mother. Raising her has single handily been the best accomplishment of my life."

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