Chelsea Cooley Miss USA 2005 Photo by Shane Greene

I had the opportunity to interview Chelsea Cooley, Miss USA 2005. She is one of the most phenomenal titleholder’s I have ever met. Tiara Magazine has chosen her for our 100 Most Beautiful and Influential People in the Industry. You can read her full article  in Tiara Magazine’s Spring Issue. Chelsea is living proof that anyone can make their dreams come true. She comes from humble beginnings and through hardwork and dedication she has achieved the ultimate title, Miss USA. She was also top 10 at the Miss Universe pageant and described her experience with colorful illustrations of how the Miss Universe Organization and the People of Thailand (that was where the pageant was being held that year) treated the contestants like royalty. They had red carpet treatment, chartered jets so the contestants could fly around the country, and were provided a 5 star menu. She was thrilled to make top 10 and two of her best friends, one being Singapore, made top 5 that year at the Miss Universe Pageant. One of my favorite questions I asked Chelsea is if a contestant has to be tall in order to win Miss USA. Her answer truly dispels some major myths surrounding this particular pageant. Not only is Chelsea 5’6 (and a half! she likes to add), she also explained that all of the Miss USA winners come from different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and heights. For instance, Shandi Finnessey was 26 when she won Miss USA 2004, stood 5’11, and had already published a children’s book.  Whereas, Chelsea Cooley, was working to make ends meet, in college, stood only 5’6, and was age 21 when she won Miss USA 2005. We included headshots of the Miss USA winners from 2004 to current so you can see for yourself how different the winners are every year. When I interviewed Chelsea it was the most interesting interview to date. There will be tons of awesome input and answers from Chelsea’s interview with Tiara Magazine in our Spring Issue. We will reveal some major announcements with her pageant coaching company Stand Out Productions, awesome advice and input she offers for competitors, more on her strategy which she used to win the Miss USA crown, and her favorite clothing designers in pageantry, fashion, and bridal! Be sure to Subscribe Today!

Miss USA 2004- Shandi Finnessey-  5’11
Miss USA 2005- Chelsea Cooley-  5’7
Miss USA 2006- Tara Connor-  5’5
Miss USA 2007- Rachel Smith-  5’11
Miss USA 2008- Crystal Stewart-  5’9
Miss USA 2009- Kristen Dalton-   5’7
Miss USA 2010- Rima Fakih-  5-8
Miss USA 2011-  Alyssa Campanella-  5’8

Article by: Sherrie Gearheart, editor of Tiara Magazine