Words from the editor Sherrie Gearheart, “What I learned was that pageants have their “own” way of modeling and their own culture if you will. It did teach me poise and confidence. However, my true passion is runway. I am starting to see a trend right now. Pageants are introducing a lot more main stream modeling (like runway) on their stages more than ever. Evening gown is still pretty traditional but fashion wear and swimsuit competitions are becoming far more fashion oriented when it comes to the style of walking. I find this to be fun and breathtaking since pageants have really needed a new face lift.” To read the full article you may subscribe. This article is featuring the following runway models and titleholders: Sherrie Gearheart, Julia Buczek, Jordan Barnstable, and Nicole Buczek. Each of these lovely ladies offer their insight on what it takes to be both!