NEW VOTING NOW OPEN. CLICK HERE to vote now. Tiara Magazine is excited to announce its 2011 cover model finalists! Voting began April 1, 2011 and ends July 31, 2011. YOUR VOTE COUNTS. One lucky winner will grace the 2011 winter cover of Tiara Magazine’s Exclusive Cover Model issue along with an outstanding prize package.

How to Vote: (Step by step instructions and rules)

1. Click on the photo of your favorite cover model. All finalists are on our cover model contest page. Please read instructions 1-10 before you vote.

2. Once you click on the photo scroll down. Under the photo there is a comment box.

3. Enter your name, email, and comment (the comment is your official vote). Then press submit.

4. Every Wednesday and Friday the votes will be approved by our board. Therefore, once you press submit you will not see your vote right away. This is to keep spammers from commenting on our page.

5. One comment counts as 5 stars which means 5 votes. To make voting easier for your family and friends we simplified the finalists. Therefore, if you had more than one photo as a finalist we only posted the photo with the highest votes from April 1-April 17. This is to ensure that voters are not confused and to make sure that the finalist receives the highest points possible.

6. Have fun! Only one email address per photo will be counted as an official vote. The same email address may vote for other photos. We deleted all email addresses from April 1st till April 17th so family and friends can vote again. Please note that once they do vote with this new voting process, it will only be allowed as one email per vote.

7. We have no limit on IP addresses, thus allowing family households with one computer to vote several times with different emails.

8. Voting counts as 40% of the score. 10 % is interview (conducted in July via email). 50% is our panel of judges. VOTING COUNTS.

9. If you see a number by a name that is all the accrued votes from April 1- April 17. That number along with the additional votes will be added to the final score.

10. Remember to have fun, spread the word to get your votes, and enjoy! All finalists will be seen in Tiara Magazine. To subscribe please visit our subscribe now page.

To vote and view the Cover Model Finalists CLICK HERE