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Brand Ambassador Competition

Do you want to be the face of Tiara Magazine? We are searching for 5 Brand Ambassador’s that have charisma, beauty, and intelligence. Have you ever dreamed of National recognition and even better, International recognition? Imagine representing our magazine, the leader in pageantry, fashion, and beauty. Do you have what it takes to be Tiara Magazine’s Brand Ambassador? What are you waiting for? You have everything to gain just by entering so give it a shot. No modeling experience necessary.  Deadline: February 28, 2016. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO ENTER.EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER WANTED IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF FEAR (1)


Trip To New York With Sherrie, Shawnna, & Kesha

New York Trip With Sherrie, Shawnna, & Kesha

New York Trip With Sherrie, Shawnna, & Kesha

From Chicago to New York- Sherrie Gearheart, Kesha Collins, and Shawnna Ballog travel to New York city! February 15 of 2016, Live Out Loud Charity will produce a mighty fashion show in the world’s fashion capital during the most popular time for tourists, NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! A couple weeks prior from this major debut and huge milestone, Gearheart, Collins, and Ballog  traveled to Long Island City, where they stood in Four Points Hotel. There were two Four Point hotels and the first day coming into New York they ALMOST traveled to a hotel completely opposite way from the original one; had they not take an extra look at their phone and map they would of had a total upside-down day!  What a kick start, huh? Although the team settled in Long Island City, they were all around Manhattan, Tribeca, Garden City, Times Square, and Midtown. Tiara Magazine and Live Out Loud Charity got every single goal accomplished during the time of their visit to New York.

New York Trip With Sherrie, Shawnna, & Kesha

New York Trip With Sherrie, Shawnna, & Kesha

From the little souvenir shops on every corner with the sales man in your face to buy their stuff, to the amazing New York accents, they had more than a blast on this trip. They ate at 2 restaurants, both being something you absolutely can not find in Chicago. I bet you believe that all New Yorkers are tough and hardcore, (people on the subway can get rough around the edges) but most of them aren’t and the staff for our restaurants were amazing! I mean, it was enough that their accents were so charming but when you add that personality and a hint of style, YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM! New Yorker’s possess such skills in their art and creativity. The team walked into a venue not knowing there was an art show going on. Lets just say the art truly speaks to pop culture and the audience definitely shown Tiara Magazine and Live Out Loud Charity the urban look and smell. Looking at venues they definitely did not expect what they got. The team walked into an Orthodox church, even though the owner had a heavy accent, they got through to actually booking that venue for Tiara Magazine’s Model Boot Camp #2.  As soon as you walk into this space you surrender yourself to its peace in contrast to another venue in Times Square where usual New York Fashion Week shows are held at. This one venue was right smack in the middle of the craziness and was a perfect example for a New York show! As soon as Sherrie, Shawnna, and Kesha walked back outside the roads were blocked because of a gas leakage, could you imagine the talk the team heard between the pool of crowds? Modern and classy but yet grungy. Right below the floor of that venue they saw a breathtaking oriental gallery where masterpieces ranged from 10k to 20k! The owner of the art gallery was so laid back and shown true interest in Live Out Loud Charity’s cause. The team always loves when they see other people show interest for their passion!

New York Trip With Sherrie, Shawnna, & Kesha

New York Trip With Sherrie, Shawnna, & Kesha

In New York city the team were taking subways and trains. Dun dun dun!  If you are from Chicago you are well aware of the trains, the Blue Line, the Red Line, the Brown Line, etc… New York is NOT like that. New York labels trains by the letters in the alphabet along by different colors! New York has so many more subway/trains than Chicago. Kesha was the navigator and even though she was very careful about where they were going, they still had an extremely complicated time finding the right train and whether they should go North or South while walking. You would think, “okay, the team are originally from Chicago which is known as the Windy City, but why are they so confused about public transportation”? Sherrie, Kesha, and Shawnna actually saw a train rather than a subway one time throughout their first trip to New York and were completely shocked! They didn’t know where they were, there was a glass elevator (they are all afraid of heights), it was freezing outside, and everyone was giving them wrong directions. “Is this a new type of transportation”, they thought. Besides the fact that the team were so confused about the ticket fare, they finally compared this train to the Metra for what they know back home. After all the traveling on public transportation, the team sat down in their small hotel room and discussed the details for the next fashion show.

New York Trip With Sherrie, Shawnna, & Kesha

New York Trip With Sherrie, Shawnna, & Kesha

Tiara Magazine and Live Out Loud Charity plans to have jaw dropping designers, amazing makeup artists, talented hairstylists, and awesome photographers at their debut in New York. On this trip the team learned how to conduct ourselves in meetings, write proper emails, schedule important appointments, and lastly, how complicated it is to run a major fashion show! You definitely need to be a hardworking person for you to be known as a successful producer.  Having this hands on experience didn’t only teach Kesha and Shawnna the obvious points to being a producer and business/ charity owner but for being a better person all around. The team learned about respect, different types of food and water, how to be a better model, and of course, a lot about each other! They dealt with hundreds of emails and calls, then they developed their own system when it actually comes down to the show. This internship and trip to New York definitely helps your adulthood. I believe, “the sooner the better”. The sooner the better you start at understanding the rules to professionalism the better you will be in the long run! You learn more than what you are planned to be taught about and that is the best gift you could receive. Knowledge is spotless and hands on experience is priceless!

New York Trip With Sherrie, Shawnna, & Kesha

New York Trip With Sherrie, Shawnna, & Kesha

Shawnna’s words

“When I traveled to New York I was stuck in deep thought the whole time. I thought, “is this really the place where dreams come true”? I could imagine Live Out Loud Charity and Tiara Magazine going viral in this city. What if Sherrie, Kesha, and I could seriously make Chicago’s fashion industry more successful? With expenses being sky high and the weather being so low, it looks like our team definitely made through with new connections and ideas during this trip to New York! If you live in Chicago you may know what I mean by feeling the rush of the city but to live in New York is a whole different ball game. You need to visit the Big Apple to understand”!


Make sure you come see the show! Standing room available. Purchase your tickets HERE.
Do you like to read about Live Out Loud Charity and Tiara Magazine’s experiences? Please make sure to read more about our trips next time, here at!


Shawnna Ballog
Assistant Editor
Tiara Magazine



Ohio Model Boot Camp

OHIO (1)Ohio Model Boot Camp event, finalized itinerary is sent at least 1 week before the event) Location: Columbus, Ohio. Model Boot Camp dedicated to capturing incredible photo images to create everlasting photos that will stand out from the rest of the competition. Date: April 30, 2016.
Registration ends: Friday, February 14, 2016. Special guests: Sherrie Gearheart, International Model; Oliviah Starr a successful child model and Miss Humanitarian Model for Tiara Magazine; Mikayla Pekala, Miss Worldwide Michigan Ambassador for Live Out Loud Charity and professional model; Derek Tokarzwski, fashion photgrapher, and more! Hair & Makeup Team Select independent pro hair and makeup artists announced teh day of the event. Photographers & Designers Announced the day of Model Boot Camp. To sign up CLICK HERE.



Watch Bound by The Crown Fashion Show LIVE.
Register HERE so you can have a reminder sent to your email and be given the direct link! It is absolutely free to register and free to watch the livestream! Watch it from your phone or your computer. The speed of the livestream is dependent on your WIFI connection. Make sure you are somewhere with good-speed internet to enjoy the best quality livestreaming.

The sold out, Bound by The Crown fashion show will be held:
February 13, 2016

New York Fashion Week
Bound by The Crown Show
Fashion Gallery
371 Seventh Avenue
New York, New York

LIVEstreaming, Live Out Loud Charity, NYFW

Tiara Magazine is proud to present the LIVEstreaming for the Live Out Loud Charity, New York Fashion Week showcase.

Register on this page so you can have a reminder sent to your email and be given the direct link! It is absolutely free to register and free to watch the livestream! To register simply HERE TO REGISTER. Watch it from your phone or your computer. The speed of the livestream is dependent on your WIFI connection. Make sure you are somewhere with good-speed internet to enjoy the best quality livestreaming.


The sold out, Live Out Loud Charity fashion show will be held at:

New York Fashion Week
Live Out Loud Charity
Renaissance Event Hall
27-34 21st Street
Long Island City, NY

Regisration link:


Upcoming Model/Talent Auditions



How to audition-You must register as a model HERE . After registering as a model/or talent please expect an email a week prior to your audition date. We will send the official model & talent application forms via email a week prior to the audition date. You must print, fill out, and return your model/ talent paperwork to us the day of your audition. Please arrive with a black, form fitting outfit with back heels for ages 12+. If you are auditioning your talent please bring your own equipment. Ages permitted to audition range from 5+.

Currently we are auditioning for two shows.
At this audition you will be considered for the following two events:

1) The Couture Fashion & Talent Showcase produced by Blossom Mentorship from Live Out Loud Charity.
This event is held April 24, 2016 from 4pm to 8:30pm. Chosen talent will perform at this event and a first place winner will be announced.
2) The Royal Ball, 5th Chicago Fashion Show for Live Out Loud Charity a major royal event.
This event is held April 4th, 2016 from 4:30pm-8pm. This is a major fashion event.

Ages 5 and up are allowed to audition for the model and talent show.
If your child is exceptionally outgoing and talented and is under the age of 5 you may bring them to the audition. Be sure to register first.

Couture Fashion & Talent Showcase
Couture Fashion & Talent Showcase

Audition Date
Sunday, February 28, 2016
Time: 2pm-6pm
We prefer that you arrive 15 minutes early. Please arrive either at 2pm or 4pm 

Couture Talent & Fashion Showcase
Location: Tortuga’s Restaurant.
3224 West Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625
Date: April 24th, 2016
Time: 4pm-8:30pm
Ticket information: Couture Fashion & Talent Showcase TICKETS 


for Live Out Loud Charity
Location: Chicago, Illinois.
Date: April 3, 2016
Time: 4:30pm-8pm
Ticket information:

Couture Fashion & Talent Showcase

Couture Fashion & Talent Showcase

2016 03 27 LOLC 6.5 The Royal Ball Web


Paris Model Boot Camp

Model Boot Camp Paris 1 Flyer Web


Jennifer Klosinski, Tiara Magazine’s Brand Ambassador 2015


Jennifer Klosinski, Tiara Magazine Brand Ambassador 2015

Jennifer Klosinski, Tiara Magazine Brand Ambassador 2015

Jennifer Klosinski was chosen as Tiara Magazine’s Brand Ambassador for 2015. She did a tremendous job serving the community around her while promoting her message of self love and beauty in all sizes, ages, heights, and ethnic backgrounds. We are proud to call Jennifer our Ambassador.

Q. Why did you enter the Tiara Magazine Brand Ambassador contest?
A. I had read Tiara Magazine and simply LOVED that it was such a positive magazine that encouraged women (and men) to be the best they can be. Most magazines just want to sell a product; Tiara Magazine is different in that, it truly encourages women of every shape, size, and background to be the best version of themselves. I chose to enter because I wanted to promote that very message.

Q. What does it mean to be the face of Tiara Magazine and how did you represent women everywhere this year as the face of Tiara Magazine?
A. Being the face of Tiara Magazine means not only believing in what the magazine promotes, but actually living and being that brand as an individual. I pride myself on always striving to be the best version of myself. I best represented the magazine’s message by living it and being the face of it. Not only did I spread awareness of the magazine via social media, but I also made several appearances throughout the year supporting and encouraging women everywhere to be the very best version of themselves.

Q. What are some of your favorite appearances you did this year?
A. LOLC Chicago Fashion Show (March), Participating in 3 MBC, Broadway to the Runway Fashion Show, LOLC Fox Lake Fundraiser, Guest on Celebrate Life TV show. I also helped from behind the scenes for many of the casting calls.

Q. Do you plan to enter the Ultimate Tiara Magazine Brand Ambassador and if so what do you plan to accomplish?
A. I would definitely love to enter! For me, it’s all about the message. Being a brand ambassador is not just an opportunity to wear a crown, it’s a chance to promote your platform and show the world why it’s something worth bringing awareness to. I will continue to be a good role model for girls and women everywhere. I want to show the world that women can be and do anything they set their minds to.

Q. What was your message this year?
A. My platform is to end domestic violence by showing women everywhere that no matter what your background is, you can still create a positive future for yourself. You can achieve your dreams! So go, achieve them.


Read Jennifer’s interview in the print publication of Tiara Magazine. Subscribe today!


LOLC’s Couture Talent Showcase

LOLC's Talent Showcase

LOLC’s Talent Showcase

Who is ready for Live Out Loud Charity’s Couture Talent Showcase?
We will have amazing designers, boutiques, artists, and of course talents!

Make sure you come to our auditions February, 28th at Tortuga’s Cantina in Chicago, Illinois. Blossom Mentorship of Live Out Loud Charity will be producing this event.

You may audition for:
-5th Chicago LOLC Fashion Show
-LOLC’s Couture Talent ShowcaseTalent & Model castings-

We accept all ages, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds at our family oriented events. Please come join the fun!

Shawnna Ballog
Assistant Editor & Miss Ultimate Teen Model
Miss Worldwide Teen USA


Kyle Fogle & Mikayla Pekala, Winners of The Model Idea TV Show

11236173_10152897485676485_5375410716467591686_oKyle Kurt Fogle
It felt pretty good to win the show. It was a long 6 months of filming. Nothing compared to being crowned prom king in high school but very fulfilling considering the amount of effort I put in to ensure winning. I learned how to be copy and paste so to speak. I watched everyone, studied techniques, practiced daily. The business side of everything is what I needed to learn the most in order to understand the industry as a whole. The show gave me an opportunity to have a spot walking in LAFW for Jow Junior, an international designer. I’ve also modeled for Rose Mandel (Chicago Fashion Foundation), LOLC runway shows, and earning covers and features in Chicago based magazines.
I am a college instructor. I teach human anatomy and exercise physiology courses. I love to ride my motorcycle when the weather is appropriate. Don’t even get me started on food. I love to eat and cook. Weight training is my outlet from the world. My happy place. I got my start with One Source Talent agency. They sent me on this company called Live Out Loud Charity. They were having auditions. Their cause is to stop bullying and prevent suicide. Being bullied in high school and losing multiple classmates from suicide, I knew auditioning for them was right up my alley. From there I was invited to audition for The Model Idea and the rest is history as they say. I support LOLC because they have saved lives. Preventing suicide is one platform that many fear. They take it on full force and show people that could commit suicide how much they are loved and cared about and that everyone has beauty. You can follow my Instagram Underconstructionlabs and my Facebook model page Kyle Kurt Fogle. You can see Kyle in the print publication of Tiara Magazine. SUBSCRIBE HERE. 

Kyle Fogle, Model Idea Winner

Kyle Fogle, Model Idea Winner

Mikayla Pekala, Model Idea Winner

Mikayla Pekala, Model Idea Winner

Mikayla Pekala
It felt absolutely amazing to win the show. I was in complete shock. When my names was called everything went silent. I felt like time stood still. When I started the show I never in a million years would of thought I could win the show. As a new model, I was competing against girls who had been in the industry for years; it was very nerve racking.

I have learned alot about myself and the industry just in the past year. I have learned no matter what, you have to love and believe in yourself. You are the only one responsible for your success. If you want something, make it happen. When I came into the industry I had very little self confidence. I was the girl who would walk into a room, find the first chair away from everyone and sit there silently observing everyone. I never was one to start a conversation with someone I did not know. A year later, I will walk into a room with my head held high, carrying myself with confidence and I will talk to anyone and everyone. The change I have seen in myself is surreal.

As a new model, my first fashion show I walked in was for Live Out Loud Charity. I had the honor of closing for Debbie Permoda and Mixxi G Accessories. The experience was amazing. The second fashion show I walked for Jow Junior Handmade Dutch Fashion in LA Fashion week where I met 50 cent and alot of other famous people. Since then I have helped bring LOLC to Michigan and held a bootcamp as well as hosting fashion shows and being booked to teach runway courses. I am the celebrity model, spokesperson and endorser for GRIP On Tools and spokesperson for the Michigan pediatric Hydrcephalus Foundation, Inc. I am the brand ambassador for Debbie Permoda which means she clothes me for all of my events and i get to promote her clothing line. In November I had the honor of being crowned Miss Michigan United Nations 2016 and will be competing for the international title in Jamaica July of 2017. I’m also carry the title of Miss Worldwide Michigan Ambassador for Live Out Loud Charity and Red Carpet Concierge Model Of the Year 2015. I am also former Miss Michigan Captivating 2014 and 2015. This January I was nominated again for Model of the Year 2016 which I am beyond excited about.

Outside of modeling I am kind of a Tom boy. I have showed and trained horses for the past 12 years as well as doing lessons and working with mentally and physically handicap doing therapeutic riding. I also love to sing, play guitar, draw, hunt, fish, play in the mud and work on cars. Believe it or not I paint cars and do mechanical work. I have had alot of crazy pets like a deer, racoon, squirrel, spiders, snakes, goats etc. I love my farm life just as much as I love the fashion life.

I got my start in the modeling industry thanks to Debbie Permoda and Sherrie Gearheart. I did pageantry and had the opportunity to compete for a national title. Long story short, Debbie Permoda had a gown in chicago that I wanted to buy for my national pageant. I ended up in chicago at a model call for Live Out Loud Charity and since then I have been involved in the fashion world.

I was a very shy person, very low self-esteem and always searching for others approval. Live Out Loud Charity made me realize the only approval I need is my own. I have been through alot in my life and have hit some very low spots. Knowing I am of worth and that others count on me, makes me carry myself with more confidence and respect than ever before. Being a part of Live Out Loud Charity is responsible for that. You can see Mikayla in the print publication of Tiara Magazine. SUBSCRIBE HERE. 

You can learn more about me on facebook. I have many pages.

Mikayla Pekala
Miss Michigan United Nations 2016
Miss Worldwide Michigan
Miss Michigan Captivating 2015
Red Carpet Concierge Model Of the Year 2015
Mikayla Pekala-Model

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